Saturday, 6 August 2011


The angioplasty is done after the venography confirmed reduce jugular venous flow and significant reflux.  The balloon angioplasty cleared most of what was possible and normalised the flow of blood from my head.

What a relief it is done! What will happen from now is anybody’s guess. Personally I am hoping for a stop in  the progression of the disease and any improvements that it might afford.  Whether CCSVI believers are right  or wrong, it is so relieving that an interest is being taken in this peculiar disease; information about rehabilitation; and positive words like regaining strength and function and improvement in quality of life; rather than sad shake of the head at our misfortune and a mental writing-off.  It’s all very positive that we might dare to hope, and hope we must.

It’s far too early to start listing gains and losses, hopes and fears, except that I will report a reduction in fatigue and brain fussiness. I believe my thinking is clearer, my husband might disagree. [Not at all – fully agree: husband]  Whilst we are on the subject of husbands, it would be impossible without Dugalds 100% support and encouragement, for which I shall be eternally grateful. Bless you my boy.

I recommend the Ameds Centrum clinic in Grodzick Mazowieski, near Warsaw, Poland. It was extremely professional and well organised with obvious skill, experience and a transparent wish to make things better for people who have previously been hopeless.  They work with integrity, investigating you thoroughly and only doing what is appropriate and safe for you.

 By the way if you mention the source of the recommendation you get a 5% discount (i.e. me). This translates into a good bottle of champagne to celebrate!