Thursday, 18 August 2011

2 weeks post angioplasty procedure.

Its been 2 weeks since the angioplasty in Poland. The question I'm asked endlessly; any improvements. Yes and No , I mention before that there has been no Damacene moment, I did not expect it but I believe there have been changes by degrees. Bearing in mind I am in the group of  pw MS who respond the least , ie PPMS , EDSS score of 6.5 and having been diagnosed for about 20 years: I wasn't expecting much.

However I am pleased to relate I have felt better by degrees, clearer thinking, creative juices flowing, increased  motivated,  more energy.
I choke less and have fewer naps although I still need these periodically.
These are things I notice and by the people I am most close too. That in itself is heartening . CCSVI just feels so right , far more than just the  auto immune theory which I believe plays a part in this complex disease.

It will be more realistic and there -fore telling when I finish my annual leave and I'm back to work. I work 4 days , 5 hours a day as a antenatal and postnatal  midwife. I will blog again in 2 weeks and then hopefully with a video too.

 I'm looking forward to my follow-up in Poland in February to check my veins and a repeat MRI scan .  Until then  I will bathe in the belief that I have a future and that the end of the line is not inevitable through MS.