Sunday, 12 June 2011

Expect nothing but hope for everything

There has been much excitement in the MS community, because of the controversial new discovery of CCSVI  and the impact it is having on pwMS lives (people with multiple sclerosis).

 As with all discoveries, the ones that actually do what is says on the box gather a lot of interest. Thanks to the internet and social sites like Facebook, individuals have been able to reach a wide audience with a consequent international comparing of notes. Something as simple as my Bette Bravo Blog might just inspire someone, somewhere to do the same. It's a leap of faith in my case.

Most of what we see on the internet is anecdotal.  However, what is does do is to provide pressure by gathering evidence, on people with the power and money to have a closer look.

 As a consequence NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) is going to review CCSVI in the Autumn.

 This would have been unheard of in the olden days.